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Money Crisis: Selling LOTS of DevWear and DevGear

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 8:50 AM

:wave: Why hello everyone! I have seem to run into a pretty major financial wall, and I really really need help recovering from it. For anyone who I may have talked to, things have gotten kinda slow at my work, and I am not working nearly as many hours as I used to. Work less hours, bring home less money.

Sadly though, my bills have stayed the same. :noes: And now I am in danger of running out of money. So, I decided to swallow my pride, and sell off a good chunk of my devwear and gear. As you'll notice below, the list is quite long. I mean long. :lol: I have been collecting these items since 2006. So some of them are really old, some of from devwear's last days.

It really breaks my heart to part with a lot of these items. I love dA, I always have, and I always will. But sadly, my reality is that I need money, I need it as fast as I can get it, and this may be one of the ways to do so. Please help me. :noes: 

The sizes of clothing are all specified, so be sure to read what they are. All clothes have been lightly worn or not worn at all. They are in great condition. Will wash all clothes before any are shipped.

Please also note, that even though I really haven't worn many of these clothes, they have mingled with clothes I have worn, and when I wash them, there is a chance that allergins, such as dog and cat far may have gotten on them. 

Note: All of these prices are for US. If you are outside of the US and would like to purchase any of these items, I'll have to figure out how much it'll cost me to ship internationally. That being said, I would like to limit any international shipping to smaller items such as shirts, hats, lanyards, and the knapsack. Of course though, if you are willing to pay more for the international shipping, I'll figure out a way to get it to you. :) I don't want to exclude anyone. 

If you are interested in purchasing anything below: Please send me a note saying you are interested, and tell me what you want. I'll set it aside until payment is settled, then I'll get ready to ship it.

Forms of Payment:
  • Paypal - Worldwide
  • Personal Checks - US Only

I'd like to buy something, but I can't :noes: I'm sad to hear that, but don't worry. I'd just like that you please help promote this. Link it in a poll, tell your friends. I'm in a serious crisis over here, so the more that people know about this the better. So please, if you aren't able to buy, please promote this however you can.

Without further ado, the list of clothing and goodies for sale. :la: Please don't be offended if the prices seem a tad high, I really need the money. To look at what the item looks like, please click on the price. It'll lead to you what the item looks like.

Note: If something is marked on hold, then there is a possible buyer for the product. There is a chance that they will reconsider buying, so be sure to keep your eye on it. :)

Hoodies & Pullovers :star: All sizes in unisex

Top hat pullover hoodie 3XL: $25
Cursive pullover hoodie 2xl: $25 ON HOLD

T-shirts :star: All sizes are men's XL unless otherwise marked.

dA Icon Blue: $15
dA Icon Orange: $15
Clown Town: $15 ON HOLD
Comics Are Art: $15
Wisp: $15
Triple Rainbow Black: $15
Sunset Burner: $15
Batter Up (Baseball Tee): $15
Sunset Burner: $15
Monster Talk: $15
Inside Voices: $15
Llama Llama: $15
Its Art!: $15
Wireless: $15
Secret Garden: $15
Samurai: $15 ON HOLD
All day every day: 3XL: $15

Hustler Boxcap brown S/M: $10 ON HOLD

dA bags
dA Pro Camera Bag: $40
dA Pro Nomad Bag: $50
dA Pro Nomad Bag: $50

Fella Plushie Original: $20

dA Lanyard: $5 ON HOLD
dA Icon Lanyard: $5
dA Stress ball set 1: $15 ON HOLD
dA Stress ball set 2: $15 ON HOLD

:la: And that's all.

Again, if you are interested in buying any of these, please send me a note. We'll work out payments there.

If you aren't able to buy anything, but would still like to help, please spread the word of this sale. I am super desperate to get the money in. :crying: My bills got the better of me, so the more of this I sell, the more I can pay my bills. 

Thanks for looking. :heart:

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

Yuzuru Hanyu

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 13, 2014, 4:06 AM

:B If anyone reading this goes on tumblr, I'm sure you have seen this kid at least once, he gained a lot of popularity on there. Its also how I discovered this kid. 

I've been a fan of figure skating since I was a little kid, and Michelle Kwan was always one of my greatest idols. :la: But once I was a teenager and young adult, I had somewhat lost interest in skating, because there wasn't any skater that grabbed my attention enough... until Yuzuru Hanyu.

:lol: Thanks to Yuzu apparently "looking like anime characters" he kept appearing on my dash, so I finally was like "lksng who is this? I must know." I looked him up and watched some of his programs.

I instantly fell in love with his skating.

So, for almost a week now, I've been freaking out over his skating, and over Yuzu himself. :lol: He's really adorable and a true cutie pie. I mean, he carries a Winnie the Pooh tissue holder with him at every tournament. That is just precious.

Plus Yuzu has a perfect butt, so who wouldn't like that? :paranoid:

Anyway, Yuzu is set to skate around 12:45pm EST today. Just another 5ish hours from the time I'm writing this. :eager: I really really hope he can stick all of his landings today. I really can't wait to see him skate. Maybe I'll get to see if live, maybe not. Depends on if work wants to let me out early or not due to snow.

Point is. I'm a Yuzuru Hanyu fangirl, and I needed to tell someone. =P

Today is also my wedding anniversary with Gwendolyn12 :love:

Tomorrow there are also two wedding anniversaries for myself. One with FluffyInDrag and the other with KovoWolf :love:

So much love this time of year. All three are awesome.

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177





When I found out that there was a talk event for January 26th, I was excited. :la: To say the least. I not so patiently waited for it to be the 26th. Then we found out the event was a talk session, and that there were two parts, a day and night portion.

:B Thanks to the time differences, these events were from 11pm-1am and 5am-7am for me. I was too anxious and pumped up to fall asleep before 12:30am. Not sure when I slept, but around then. :lol: I then woke up at 3:15am to check my phone to see if the announcement had been made.

After I finished checking my phone, I was a bit sad by the lack of announcement, but I tried to remember when the second talk event was happening. Needless to say, I didn't fall asleep again. :lol: Finally at 4:45am I got out of bed and started my day for work.

Hell yes. Less than three hours of sleep to do six hours of work. :la: I AM SUCH A GENIUS.

I was starting to get ready to leave when I refreshed tumblr just one more time at 5:30am, and read "I think they just announced it." Followed by a new picture that confirmed it.

Needless to say, I started vibrating. :noes: I was vibrating, and I no longer felt tired, and I was on cloud nine. :lol: Since everyone else in my house was sleeping, I had to stay quiet. When I got into my car, I started screaming at the top of my lungs.


That was all of the energy I needed.


Oh... and I kinda rested after work. I laid down and listened to music for two hours, but I didn't sleep. :lol: I did get overly emotional whenever any Free! music started playing.

I was also very amused and confused at 3:30am when the Free! fandom was going insane over orange traffic cones. Apparently the Japanese fans at the event starting beating each other with them while in line for a poster and/or keychain thing that sold out in nine minutes. :noes: Fujoshi's can be scary.

Would you like to own DevWear & DevGear? I'm selling LOTS of it! 

6 deviants said I can't buy anything, but I'll help promote it via journal and/or polls.
4 deviants said I'm gonna buy something!
4 deviants said I'm gonna be a grump and do neither.


Nyiana K.
United States




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