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The worst part of my trip to NJ is the lack of service. Only cell service is outside of buildings, and there is no data. I'm constantly on 1X. RIP phone battery... Damn you Verizon. GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER
Final Fantasy VII remake announcement has officially left me in tears. Damn you Squeenix.
I had a dream you could buy a dress for llamas. I don't even know how that would work. But that is what I dreamt. Even now, dA can still invade my dreams.
That moment when your senpai follows you back on both tumblr and twitter. I feel so happy.


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In New Jersey

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 23, 2015, 7:59 AM

:la: Hello my darlings!

I'm writing to this from a Monastery in Summit, New Jersey.

:dummy: My best friend, CosmicRiver30 became a nun here back in March, and while I had no plans to visit this year due to money... here I am. :lol: I was supposed to go camping with a friend this week, since it's my vacation, but those plans fell through, so I used the money to come down here instead. Sure, it's not a whole week, but two days is completely okay with me. 

I left my home at 2:30am, and I was in Summit by 7:30am, stopping twice. Once at the beginning for coffee, and once at the end for peeing. I managed to get my Subaru up to 40.4mpg at one point. Amazing.

This is my first road trip. Exciting. :lol: This area is so nice though, I don't want to go back to my dingy city. My hotel is looking pretty spiffy too. I stopped in to change my coffee stained white shorts (oops)

Most of the morning was spent walking around the city. I found a small, yet really good diner for second breakfast. Then I just kept walking. Today is the epitome of summer, so it got quite warm walking. I found the public library and just chilled in there for a while.

I've already meet up with Danie again. She's currently baking, so she's still MIA. :lol: Soon. I have so much anime to show her. Of course, the letters and pictures come first.

She's going to be so happy to hear I have a boyfriend. =P I decided to withhold that information from her in my letters thus far.

Anyway, here's to two or three days of best friend time. :D Plus it's her birthday next week, so there are presents for her. Hope she likes a shit ton of gel pens and color pencils.

Anyway, time to prepare everything for her. :)

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Journal Entry: Thu Jun 4, 2015, 4:25 PM

I turned 11 on here today. 

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

Anime Boston + Worlds 2016

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 30, 2015, 3:49 PM

:D I am going to be making a shortened appearance at Anime Boston this year. Due to work, I can only go from Saturday evening through Sunday. I would love to go for longer, but work. :lol: It's Easter weekend, beginning of the month, and I work in the meat department. That all adds up to people need to buy their Easter hams and other groceries. So I probably won't make it to the con until 6pm or later. 

I'm still debating if I want to show up on Friday evening or not. =P I kinda want to... but I kinda don't. 

Honestly, I wasn't even planning on going this year, but my friend Danie sent me a letter asking me to go, even for a day, just to take pictures. Fiiine. Besides, I really could use a getaway for a day.

:dummy: Next topic.

One of my greatest lifelong loves has always been, and will always be figure skating. Like, uuuuuuugh. I love skating so much. I myself am unable to skate, but I admire the athletes that can. Beauty, grace, power. Figure skating is my favorite winter anything to watch.

So, when I found out that Worlds, which is the top skating event each year (aside from the Olympics), will be coming to Boston next year, I instantly wanted to go. :slow: But then I looked up ticket prices. Ouch. Anywhere from $250 for the week (balcony) to $2,200 for the week (premium)

I ended up getting Loge tickets, which were $1,300. Ouch. but you know what, fuck it. This for me is a once in a lifetime event, its the 2nd best skating event possible, and it is happening in my backyard. Past two years it was in Japan, then China. So fuck it.

Its taking place after Easter, and I can use a vacation week to go. All I need to do now is book my hotel room. :lol: Which is the other major expense of this event.

The hotel I'm looking at is $205 a night before taxes, so about $234 or so. I will be there for 7 nights (Because Anime Boston happens the days before. Double dipping events. WOO). I'm looking at almost $1,800 in hotel costs. :lol: Oops

Basically, this is going to be super costly next year. But hell, once in a lifetime chance. And I absolutely LOVE the current generation of skaters. Everything is perfectly in place, I might as well go all out.

People take themselves and/or their families to Disney. This is my Disney. This is my epic event. I just really hope that cameras will be allowed. I want to take pictures so badly. :lol: i have a year to find out.

And plus, just thinking that I could very likely see Yuzuru Hanyu skating in person, makes me want to cry. Plus seeing Javier Fernandez trying to defend his current Worlds title. There's always that chance Patrick Chan could come back. And seeing some young faces, Nam Nyugen is a great one. :lol: Yeah, I love the men's skating. A lot. But I love all skaters. I'm a bit iffy on ladies' skating right now, but I'll use this year to get to know them and pick favorites. Same with pairs and dancing. I mean, I do have a favorite ice dancing pair, but they announced they're not going to compete next year. So sad.


I mean, what is about $3,000 USD versus the ideal once in a lifetime chance? Seriously. 


AwsumZ You are beautiful and I love you every day. Let me marry you damnit. :crying:

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Do you design tattoos? Know anyone that does? I'm looking for help designing mine 

2 deviants said I'm trying to design a triforce tattoo I have a basic idea as to what
2 deviants said But if I could get someone that does design to help me, itd be epic
2 deviants said I really really wanna do this.
1 deviant said Of course I am willing to cough up some money for the design
1 deviant said If you're at all interested, please let me know.
No deviants said Since I'm getting this, I might as well get it right.


Norbagul Hudgison VIII
United States




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