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“Makoto, what are you looking at?” A young voiced piqued in curiosity, as he stepped forward into the doorway. Walking towards his friend, the boy looked up at a bowl sitting upon a side table, inside of it were two goldfishes, moving around freely.

“The old man I told you about gave these to me yesterday! Aren’t they pretty, Haru-chan?” Makoto stood up on his toes to get a better look at his new fish, entranced by their beauty. They were red with traces of gold in their scales, and the end of their fins and tail were white. They moved with such grace, that neither of the young boys could take their eyes off of the fish in front of them.

“Have you thought of names for them?”

“No, not yet, I’ve been thinking but I can’t decide. I want to give them nice names, but nothing seems good enough…” A frown covered Makoto’s face, catching Haruka’s attention.

Haruka never liked to see Makoto sad, for the few years they had known each other, Makoto’s smile made Haruka happy, even if he never admitted it or showed it. It had become the blue eyed boy’s habit to do small but troublesome things to make Makoto happy whenever he was sad or would start to cry. It had become a sort of protective instinct for Haruka, even if he didn’t mean for it to.

A finger pressed up against the glass of the bowl in front of one of the goldfish, and with a determined voice, Haruka blurted out “This one’s Makoto.”

Green eyes widened at the declaration as they turned to Haruka, whose face looked absolute about the words that he had just spoken.  A large smile worked its way onto Makoto’s face as his eyes began to light up.  He then brought his finger to the glass in front of the other fish, smiling, realizing that he had now come up with the perfect name thanks to his friend.

“Then this one will be Haru-chan!” Makoto’s voice excitedly echoed throughout the walk way, assuring that any doubts he had about naming them beforehand had disappeared.

A small smile made its way to Haruka’s face, knowing that his friend was no longer worried about something that he viewed as a simple matter. The two goldfish now named Makoto and Haru-chan continued to swim around their bowl in content.

“I promise I’ll take really good care of them, Haru-chan! And whenever you come over if you want you can help take care of them too.” Haruka nodded in agreement at Makoto’s enthusiasm. He hadn't intended to essentially adopt one of the fish, but if it made Makoto happy, then he would help to take care of them.

The two boys continued watching the goldfish for a few more minutes in silence before they moved on towards the rest of the house. Unknowing to both of the boys, the two goldfish named Makoto and Haru-chan would hold a deep meaning in their lives as they grew up.
One shot MakoHaru written entry for the MakoHaru Festival on tumblr.

Title: "Goldfish"
Prompt: Watching


I decided to give a bit more of a headcanon back story to the two goldfish Makoto received from the old fisherman in the episode six flashback of Free! Mainly their names. :lol: But there's no convincing me that those two goldfish Makoto had as a kid didn't have names. I would also like to think that Makoto struggled to name them, while Haru came up with one instantly. :dummy: But that's just me.

I'll probably end up doing some art prompts for the festival soon. I also have plushies, maybe I could figure out how to do a photography thing for one of the prompts.

My goal is to hopefully get something done for each day. Hopefully. :lol: We'll see how long this drive lasts. 
nightfury1231 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
*dies from fluffy awesomeness*
Again, this is awesome~~
I wish I could write like you! ^-^ I really like how you described their emotions and reactions, and the whole flow of the story is great :) Good job!
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