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Submitted on
February 8, 2013
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:heart: Love is in the air! :heart:

Valentine's Day 2013 will soon bay upon us, so why not celebrate it #devart style with some e-weddings. lost-angle and Nyiana-sama have been blessed as Official Ministers of Peace by Fella, and they are looking to spread the love.

So, it's time to pick out your dresses and suits and shoes, choose your best man or bridesmaids, and find something-old and something-new. It also helps to find yourself a sweetheart partner to get hitched to as well - hopefully you already have someone in mind!

Please Note: There will be two sets of ceremonies in #devart on February 14th, one at 2pm PST (click here to find your local time) and at 5pm pst (click here to find your local time)

:heart:Official Rules:heart:


All of the 2pm PST slots are now filled. 5pm PST slots are the only ones remaining. If you are unsure what time 5pm PST is for you please check here for your local time.


1. There will be a maximum of 10 couples and both you and your partner must be able to attend on the date / time you specify.

How to Apply: After you have made arrangements with your significant other, simply post your partners' username in this news article along for the 5pm pst ceremony - please do not ask for alternate partners or your request will be disregarded. If you make a reservation and then change your mind afterwards (understandably so, everyone gets cold feet sometimes), post a reason for the cancellation and your new choices in this article.

2. Please limit your questions and concerns regarding the e-wedding ceremony to this article, and we will answer them here.

3. On February 12th, we will make the 10 selections based on a semi-random choice with help from the communityrelations team, then we will post the winning couples names as well as contacting them by note with the joyous news. We also encourage all contestants to use this news article thread to attempt to sway the decision-making process... convince us why we should pick you and not someone else... use creative ways such as essays, poetry, song lyrics or interpretive dance...

4. What is required of you on the big day? Other than having to show up with your loved one, you both also need to prepare your vows. This will be the part of the ceremony where you get to express in your own words what your partner means to you in front of all your deviantART friends. Why do you love them? How do they make you feel? See below for an example of what you should have prepared:

You are my Stophicer, my Chris, and my Ikue. You are everything I have ever needed and so much more. I love you with whether you are I arms reach or 1,000 miles away.
You've been my best friend, my lover and my confidant for so many years and now I vow to be with you online and off for the rest of my life.
Through the good times and the poor connections, through our not so angry fights and our stay in bed and snuggle all day, days. I promise to listen, respect, support, communicate with and embarrass you at every opportunity I get.
* moonbeam13 wipes away a tear
I promise to never stay mad at you for more than 5 minutes, to always make lame jokes and love you for the rest of our lives. My only wish is that one day this becomes a reality and we can be joined together legally as we are spiritually, physically and mentally.


Q: Am I allowed to have a witness?
A: Yes, each person that participates in the event will be able to have on other deviant as a witness, and they can join in on the fun.

Q: How should we write our vows, and how long should they be?
A: If you are one of the people picked, you can write your vows however you like, as long as they are appropriate. They can be funny, sarcastic, or serious. Its up to you. And for length, maybe around a paragraph or so.

Q: I'm still not too sure about the vows, are there any other examples?
A: Yes! There are plenty. :) The 2011 e-wedding has been logged here, so you can see what deviants have said in the past.

Q: How long will each event take?
A: Overall, the sets of weddings will not take too long, since the marriages will be done back to back. It all depends on the flow of the chat.

Q: Why is this being done?
A: Simple, this is being done for fun. :)

:la: Remember to follow the rules, and ask your partner if they want to participate, instead of just assuming. :love: We're looking forward to seeing you on Valentines Day!

E-Marriages in #devart are back! Join us for two ceremonies on February 14th, one at 2pm PST, and the other at 5pm PST. Please read the journal for all information and details.
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