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Manga/Anime Community Relations Update

:wave: Hello everyone! Welcome to the January/February 2012 Community Relations update for the Manga/Anime gallery!

The Manga/Anime Team

For those of you who may or may not know, the current Manga/Anime team consists of the following people.


So if you have any questions relating to the state of the Manga/Anime gallery here on dA, please reach out to any of us. :)

Hellos and Farewells of Community Volunteers


Please be sure to thank everyone who has been a part of the team. :)


Coming soon... Hopefully. :)

:la: Please be sure to welcome all of the new people to the team and make them feel right at home!

Possible changes to the Manga/Anime Gallery

Gwendolyn12 recently made a forum post which you can find here about possible future changes to the gallery. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please list them in this forum and we'll consider each suggestion. :) With your help we can make the M/A gallery even better than ever!  We're constantly looking for ways to improve the gallery, and with your help I'm sure we'll find them. :la:

Recent Articles and Features from the gallery

This section includes all of the updates posted by the Manga/Anime Community Volunteers since the last update.

Previous Manga/Anime Community Relations Updates

Manga/Anime Spotlight

Manga/Anime Monthly Features

Manga/Anime DD RoundUp's

Manga/Anime Contests Around dA

MzzAzn keeps track of the different individual M/A contests, and you can check them out Right here

Finally, some Features

What better way to close out a Manga/Anime update then with some art from the gallery. :)

Woodland by nuriko-kun The 4 Seasons by Curryuku SV - saiyagina by rhymebox
Cosmic Supermarket by XkY Knite ch4 pg 71 by Knites AT: .:Susi as a doll:. by BrokenDoll777

:wave: Until next time everyone!

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February 20, 2012
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