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November 21, 2011
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Manga/Anime Spotlight: izka197

Mon Nov 21, 2011, 8:08 AM

:star:Manga/Anime Spotlight: izka197:star:

Manga/Anime Spotlight is a weekly feature that highlights the different artists across the deviantART's Manga/Anime community, and is a portal to get to know a bit more about them and their works. 

This week's feature is izka197

:bulletgreen:1.) To start off, what is your favorite medium and tools to use?

My current favorite medium to work with is digital art. I use Photoshop CS4 and SAI, I don't use a tablet, only a mouse. I still love traditional art, but I use it less than years ago. But I do sketch every single piece of mine, before I scan them and finish on computer, so I still work with traditionals

:bulletgreen:2.) When you draw, do you plan everything out first, or do you just see where the drawing takes you?

Usually I plan everything, but of course often it comes out totally different than planned. But also sometimes I do just sketch and sketch a lot and then see what the drawing brings me to.

:bulletgreen:3.) On average, how long do you spend on a drawing?

Usually, on a colored fullbody soft shaded drawing, I spend arround 3-4 hours, from the idea through sketching, linearting and coloring to totally finished piece. Cell shaded or half bodies take less time, of course.

:bulletgreen:4.) When did you first start drawing, and what made you start to draw in the manga/anime style?

I love drawing since I remember, but I started with manga/ anime style pretty late, in 2006. Sailor Moon was the first anime I saw, and the pretty Sailor Scouts made me try to draw in such style, and then love it so much.

:bulletgreen:5.) What are your inspirations for drawing?

This is a hard question, I never know what to answer. Of course many other artists and creations, but I will just say everything arround me gives me inspirations, simply the whole world.

:bulletgreen:6.) Do you have any artists that you look up to?

I do love many artists styles, but I can't name one or two or a few. There are just too many awesome artists.

:bulletgreen:7.) Out of the works in your gallery, what are your five favorite pieces?

I really really love these, they are special to me and mean a lot:
.:: Steampunk Queen Adelle ::. by izka197..:: Kimono Eevee ::... by izka197KIMONO: Mei by izka197.. :: SORCERESS :: .. by izka197Phoenix :3 by izka197

:bulletgreen:8.) Do you have any tips for young aspiring artists?

The most important thing is to practice. I know, it's easy to say, and I really know it's hard from my own experiences, but always remember about practice. And also be patient, sometimes it might take a while to create something that you will really be proud of. but eveb if you do this, don't stop practicing! and be proud of yourself. Each little step forward is awesome.

:bulletgreen:9.) Are there any other types of art that enjoy?

I like all art types, and I think every one of them is worth attention. From drawing through painting, photography, photomanipulations, handwork and all other types. Art is simply awesome.

:bulletgreen:10.) Is there anything else that you would like to add?
I am really happy to take part in this project, thank you very much! To everyone: create more wonderful art, and let's spread love together! :)

Some other works from izka197

Sailor Venus by izka197 Lovely Angel Izka by izka197 Akira Takeda- Demoness Akki by izka197
.. :: SAYURI :: .. by izka197 Halloween 2010 by izka197 Chibi Misty Blink by izka197

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Manga/Anime Spotlight is a weekly feature that highlights the different artists across the deviantART's Manga/Anime community, and is a portal to get to know a bit more about them and their works. This week's feature is =izka197. :)
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CustardAndPie Nov 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her art is just BEAUTIFUL. Long live anime/manga!!! :iconepiclaplz:
thank you aww :love:
CustardAndPie Nov 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome, izka! ^_^
yay interview with izka :w00t: spread love honey! :heart:
Arofexdracona Nov 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh, very cool ! Izka is very much a sweetie.
thank you dear :blushes: :glomp:
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