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May 15, 2011


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What is Manga and Anime?

Welcome to Project Educates Manga/Anime Week! For the next week we'll be going over the different aspects of the Manga/Anime gallery, and that will include art features, trivia chats, and the wrapping up of the Original Characters At Their Best contest, plus results. :) However, before we get too far ahead with anything this week, it might be best to review exactly WHAT this gallery is.

The official deviantART definition "The manga and anime style of art which originated from eastern countries like Japan."

However, that's pretty vague. One of the unique things, is that there is a huge range of styles, ranging from big eyed characters, to semi-realistic. However, the style is often defined by characters who have large eyes, unusual hair or eye color, disproportionate bodies, and expressions that aren't possible.

For more information, let's turn our attention to Wikipedia!


"Anime refers to the animation style originated in Japan. It is characterized by distinctive characters and backgrounds (hand-drawn or computer-generated) that visually and thematically set it apart from other forms of animation. Storylines may include a variety of fictional or historical characters, events, and settings. Anime is aimed at a broad range of audiences and consequently, a given series may have aspects of a range of genres. Anime is most frequently broadcast on television or sold on DVDs either after their broadcast run or directly as original video animation (OVA). Console and computer games sometimes also feature segments or scenes that can be considered anime."


"Manga is Japanese for "comics" or "whimsical images". Manga developed from a mixture of ukiyo-e and Western styles of drawing, and took its current form shortly after World War II. Manga, apart from covers, is usually published in black and white but it is common to find introductions to chapters to be in color and is read from right to left."

Anime and Manga are more than just ninjas in bright orange suits, together they form an entire industry in Japan. They can be compared to the cartoons and comic books that are in America. Truthfully, the only real difference between the two would be the drawing styles.

Literally the terms anime and manga basically mean "cartoons and comics." However, anime and manga are defined by certain features. Large eyes in characters was originally used so that you could see the emotions a character was feeling a lot easier, so that way you could be more involved with the storyline. This is the same reason why characters in manga and anime make "inhuman" facial expressions, so that way we the readers or watchers can know how a character is truly feeling.

So, Manga and Anime are more than just ninjas, death gods, magical girls, and explicit content. The stories can be anything, but what defines manga and anime is the style, by using big eyes "inhuman" expressions. The Manga and Anime industry in Japan is very large, and its greatly known throughout the world, and has inspired countless artists young and old alike to draw in a similar style. Manga and Anime are designed to help you understand a character better, and that is what seperates it from cartoon and comics.
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Gwendolyn12 May 18, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Awesome definition! I did not know most of those myself. :lol:
WarkEnto May 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn kiddo, you did an excellent job defining anime and manga. Let me tell you something just between you and me - manga was the starting basis of my artistic progression, but these days I find myself going back to Western comic forms of art (I am falling in love again particularly with Marvel comics which I read when I was a preteen). So here's the thing - I want to keep the character depth of manga but also mix in some of the incredible storytelling of a Western comic. I also intend to move away from a concrete manga style and adopt a slightly more realistic Western style of figure drawing. This means that while I won't be using over-the-top expressions on my characters, they will still be extremely powerful and memorable.

Would it be a crime, then, to still categorize my future "comics" as "Anime/Manga", in the interests of reaching a huge target audience? The problem with listing it as just a Western comic is that the majority of Americans disregard comics as childrens' picture books.
electric-master May 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha well put ^^
Um, is the article supposed to be longer? Because it just cuts off at the end.
:slow: I fixed it. I copied it out of a Word Document, and it looks like I forgot to highlight a bit. Thanks for pointing it out though. :)
No problem. :)
grimslider May 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah orange ninjas XD they would never blend in damn anime is getting retared these days it was so nice at first but now they are very few shows that make me fell the same admiration for anime and manga but now its all like my sig XD ok some still got it but ok i like fatasy but i hate retared stuff like nose bleeds and fandom stuff or obessed people with boobies XD i know they are nice but please people dont kill the values that most anime and manga have lost
Is the article cut off at the end? Or is it just a typo?

I'm glad that you guys decided to post this, though. ♥
I copied and pasted it off of a word document, and I forgot a bit. :slow: Its fixed now though.
Oh! Yeah, that happens to me all the time. The damn mouse just likes to mess with us, I tell ya.
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